What is Helpdesk Services?

Helpdesk Services is our re-active support service, offered alongside our Maintenance Service. It is intended to provide support services to our customers in a way that ensures they know the cost each month. Once our support software is installed on your computer, support is easy to obtain. Should you need assistance you simply press the F11 key on your computer and describe your query. The device name, information about the hardware and software, a screen shot and the user logged on all are sent to our helpdesk. Once submitted you receive a notification that we have received your request and then we are in touch with you within the allocated response time. Response times are based on the urgency of the case, so we get to you fast when you need it.

What is Maintenance Services?

Maintenance Services is our pro-active support service, offered alongside our Helpdesk Service. During our initial free IT audit we assess which services and devices you have in place and build an appropriate maintenance plan that we run on at least a monthly basis. Our Maintenance and Helpdesk Services agreement includes all the pro-active managed IT you will need, including monitoring, regular software and firmware updates to all servers, computers and other devices, regular backup checks, regular meetings with your technical account manager and an annual IT roadmap. Why should checking your backups, monitoring or applying updates be an optional extra?

What is monitoring?

Migrating to D8A Maintenance and Helpdesk services?

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We will send a friendly consultant that will listen to your requirements and provide you with helpful suggestions in straight forward, non-technical language.

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