What are servers?

A server serves information and services to other computers and devices connected to it. Simple servers share files so that all of the users on your network can see the same files and collaborate but there are many other services that a server can provide;

  • Centralized email, calendar and contacts. Ensuring that if you receive an email you get it across all devices (computers, tablets, phones etc.) If you delete a message from one device it goes from all, add a contact or appointment on your phone and within minutes it’s on your computer.
  • Logon to any computer in your network with your personalized settings roaming with you. If your desk is unavailable or the computer has a problem, logon at another desk and all of your data and settings will be there.
  • Remote access. Complete access to your office computer including all applications and documents from a home computer, another office or even your iPad.
  • Management of user policies, preventing accidental or deliberate changes to the network.
  • Centralizing user specific documents and desktop files, ensuring that all documents are stored in one place assisting with taking complete backups.
  • Deployment of updates. Ensuring consistency amongst all of the connected devices and reducing the bandwidth consumed by each computer downloading updates individually.
  • Allowing use of third party, industry specific applications. Whether you’re an estate agent and need property management, a solicitor and need case management or a school wanting to manage registrations, door entry systems, parent and student data and much more, then a server is necessary to serve the applications to your users.

D8A believe that the core of most businesses are the same and therefore we develop your network around a core set of services that you require (email, document sharing, user logon, antivirus etc.). This way we can offer a very thoroughly configured server, providing you with the services every business needs at a very competitive price. We do this by making the core part of the installation more “off the shelf” than “bespoke”, effectively mass producing services to lower the cost to you! Of course there will be bespoke elements of your installation depending on your business type and we can help with that but why pay for a bespoke setup of services that everyone needs such as email and Internet access?

It is important, of course, that such a critical part of the network stays operational and that is where fault tolerance comes in. The essence of fault tolerance is that elements that are able to fail have a “partner” part that can take over the job in the event of a failure. For example it is possible to have mirrored hard drives to ensure that data is written to both drives simultaneously and so in the event of a hard drive dying your data is safe and you are still operational. This is the case for many parts, including power supplies, fans, memory and even entire failover servers!

There can be a need to separate services in to separate Operating Systems. As an example many applications only perform well in their own memory space. Traditionally this meant purchasing a separate server, installing a separate Operating System and maintaining them separately. It is now possible to purchase one machine and virtualize it, meaning that one physical machine can have two separate Operating Systems, reducing original outlay and maintenance costs. D8A are specialists in Virtualization and a consultant will let you know if they believe it suits your IT environment.

Installing servers

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