Projection and whiteboards

What is projection?

Projection is a technology to display the contents of the screen of a computer in an alternate location, such as a wall or whiteboard, for the purpose of sharing information with other users. Typical uses include presenting or teaching.

What are interactive whiteboards?

Interactive whiteboards are a wall mounted electronic device which is used as a place to project a computer display in order that the projected image can become a fully interactive touch display. It allows writing in electronic ink and using touch to navigate around the display as you would with a mouse.

Installing projection and whiteboard solutions

Whether moving office, setting up a new classroom or creating a new meeting space, D8A can provide a projection and whiteboard or interactive TV solution to allow simple collaboration within a room. We pride ourselves on performing the neatest and most functional interactive display solutions. D8A start by performing an IT audit so that we know exactly you requirements. We will liaise with you to know what you wish to achieve and then we take over the process ensuring that we install your new hardware without any disruption.

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