Installing computers

The importance of a correctly configured computer is often underestimated in a system. Often nowadays the focus is on the server or cloud based services. It is true that these other components are important but without a correctly configured computer your access to these services can be significantly hindered.

D8A can help with every aspect including matching the computer specification required to the applications that you will be using, supplying the computer, physical installation (including tidying the cables and using cable management systems in office furniture), software setup, migrating data from existing computers and connection to networks and servers.

As with every other aspect of our installations, engineers follow a comprehensive checklist to ensure nothing is left out. Upon installation we ensure all updates are applied, we install our support client, transfer all data and configure every app and peripheral device as necessary.

We supply good quality computer equipment from Dell. We choose Dell as they have fully integrated systems which allows finding appropriate information from the unique service tag for the device. For example, we can find drivers easily and quickly, find warranty information and purchase dates, specify computer hardware quickly, liaise with Dell support easily, often with them taking our word for it that components need repair or replacement.

Of course such a comprehensive installation can take time but continuing our philosophy to provide the best service, in the shortest time possible we have solutions to reduce the time it takes to setup a computer. We have preconfigured Windows installations that we can deploy to your new computer, that already contain the latest Windows updates, basic apps and tweaks, reducing the time it takes to install Windows on a computer from around four hours to an hour! If you are having several computers installed simultaneously then all can be installed from the same preconfigured image reducing the install time from four hours for each computer to an hour for them all!

The solution that we use to do this is imaging. We can take this a step further and suggest that if you have complicated applications requiring deployment to multiple machines then we can copy the first computer we setup and deploy it to the other machines. This not only reduces the installation time and cost but ensures all computers are consistently setup. This way your imaging will contain configuration specific to you, including applications, printers, scanners, updates, network configuration etc.

Migrating to new computers

Moving office with computers

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