Cloud desktops

What are cloud desktops?

Cloud desktops are a way of accessing a fully functional computer from any Internet connected device with all of your own data and applications available to you.

D8A Cloud desktops are a Windows operating system running on a high performance, fault tolerant server, in a secure, Tier 3 data centre, over high bandwidth Internet connections. The servers allow most applications to be installed that could be installed on a local Windows 10 installation. The data is stored and backed up in the cloud and updates are performed at the data centre. This results in your applications and data being accessible from anywhere that you can get an Internet connection and corporate type IT with no need for expensive hardware in your own office. Work from anywhere, anytime! Even the computer that you connect from requires less resources meaning that the hardware and setup charges of new computers can be about half the cost.

What is Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS)?

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services® is the technology that allows D8A cloud desktops to work. It is tried and tested technology that ensures the security of data and the compatibility with applications such as Microsoft Office.

Setting up cloud desktops

If you are starting from scratch and have no data to transfer (e.g. you are starting a new business) then setting up cloud desktops is simple. We liaise with you to know your existing requirements and what you plan to grow to and then setup a cloud desktop for you. We install and configure all of the applications that you need and configure your office computers and mobile devices to connect to the cloud desktop and away you go. From the very beginning you can be sure that all data you save in the cloud is protected by the best security systems, backed up within 15 minutes and is highly available by using technology such as fail over generators, fail over Internet connections and fault tolerent devices.

Migrating to cloud desktops

If you already have a system in place, either an existing cloud solution or an on-site solution, then you will have data and applications that you will want to migrate. D8A start by performing an IT audit so that we know exactly how you operate, and what applications and data you have already. We will liaise with you to know what you wish to achieve and then we take over the process ensuring that we migrate all data and applications to your cloud desktop environment without any downtime.

Moving office with cloud desktops

If you are fortunate enough to already have cloud desktops in place then moving office is simple. No need to worry about moving data or complex equipment such as servers. Simply get an Internet connection in place in your new office, disconnect the computers in your old office, reconnect the computers on new or existing cabling in the new office and you're back up and running. Simple!

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