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Complete, Managed IT Services Designed to Match Your London Business Needs

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Network Cabling and Connectivity

Every network requires a unique system of cables, switches, and routers to keep your connection flowing. We’ll help you choose the right cabling and install it for you.

D8A IT Services

Network Hardware and Wireless

Network and internet downtime is detrimental to your business. Ditch the latency and dead zones by using the proper network hardware and wireless equipment.


End User Devices and Peripherals

Select the most efficient end user and peripheral devices for your business workflows. The devices you use directly affect the day-to-day operations and success of your company.


Security and Backup

Security and data protection is a major driving factor for upgrading IT infrastructure. We put hard-to-hack measures in place to safeguard your information and prevent data loss.

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Cloud and Microsoft 365

We are a proud employer of Microsoft Certified individuals. Let us guide you through all that Microsoft 365 has to offer, from cloud storage to complex tools.


Users and People

Boost your team’s productivity and efficiency. All it takes are the right tools, proper tech setup, and guidance from an IT company with the know-how.

Network Connectivity

Data Migration

You decide how and where your data is migrated. We move all files, folders, and formats per your requirements. No data loss, no file corruption, and no downtime.


Maintenance and Helpdesk

Our IT maintenance and helpdesk service covers everything you need to maintain your tech systems, automate customer touchpoints, and ensure you’re always online.

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Servers and Virtualisation

Do you need help with server installation or virtualising your servers? This process makes the most out of your existing server, reducing the need to purchase more hardware.

Bringing Enterprise-Level IT Support to Small and Medium Organisations in South East London

Each year the budget for IT and tech among
small organisations is increasing. From computer installations to
infrastructure upgrades, there is always a need to advance one’s technology.

But with such a growing need for
enterprise-level IT support, we see a major problem in the industry. Companies
who promise the world and then offer cookie-cutter technology, trying to make
it fit for the purpose of making a sale.

D8A IT Services is different because we
custom-match solutions to your business requirements. And we don’t stop there.
We believe in providing a complete solution, from initial consultation to purchasing,
installation, pro-active maintenance, and reactive support.


Through it all, we uphold standards of
fairness, transparency, knowledge, and professionalism that serve as the
foundation for everything we do.

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