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Managed IT Services We Provide in London

Network Cabling and Connectivity

A strong and stable network connection is pivotal to smooth operations. We will help you design and install high-quality network cabling systems that do just this.

Network Hardware and Wireless

Kickstart your internet connection with our comprehensive range of hardware, from routers, switches, firewall, and wireless access points and controllers.

End User Devices and Peripherals

Equip your workspace with computers, tablets, mobile devices, and peripheral devices professionally selected for performance and seamless integration into your workflows.

Security and Backup

We will monitor your data to keep it safe and backed up to prepare for malicious attacks and inevitable data loss events.

Cloud and Microsoft 365

Skyrocket your team’s productivity with Microsoft 365. Comes with cloud storage, collaboration tools, advanced data security, and remote data access for smooth workflows

Users and People

Get your team ready for work with our help in setting up user profiles and configuring the computer settings in a way that boosts productivity.

Data Migration

We can help you migrate your data from one computer to another, one format to another, or one application to another. You decide.

Maintenance and Helpdesk

Our IT maintenance service involves regular updating of your office devices, screening of your IT system for performance issues and backup failures, evaluating disk space availability, rebooting of equipment and many more. A helpdesk helps facilitate efficient and effective communication with your customers through task automation, customer analysis, and contextual collaboration features.

Servers and Virtualization

Virtualizing your servers significantly reduces hardware costs, enhances data security, simplifies data recovery, and improves operational efficiency.

Why we come to work everyday

We want to empower schools and SMEs across London to operate efficiently, by curating

and incorporating simple, effective, and permanent IT solutions into their workflows.

The ultimate goal

Our goal is to reach out to as many businesses as possible in the UK to help save them

their resources invested in insecure and inefficient IT systems, as well as to combat the increasing rate of national cyber attacks that are hindering businesses from their success.

What we believe in

We believe that it is essential for businesses to digitalize their operations to stay ahead of

the curve in the ever-changing IT landscape. We also believe that choosing technology

that is practical instead of popular is key to developing long-lasting IT solutions that

address the individual needs of businesses.

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